Thursdays at Markthalle Neun


There is so much to do in the city of Berlin but on Thursday nights, I think your agenda should have just one: Markthalle Neun. Here you’re guaranteed to experience great food, an indoor market, and a trendy, urban scene all under one roof.

Thursdays at Markthalle Neun

The market hall itself is in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood, open Thursday to Saturday and a bit off the beaten path for us tourists. It’s mostly a local scene and a very ‘hipster’ bunch too. Every Thursday from 5 to 10pm, the market hosts Street Food Thursdays. It was a must-do on our list and we made sure to arrive hungry.


I didn’t have too much information about this street food event when we went. I remember asking our hostel receptionists to confirm whether it was in fact open because nearly all the information I found here was in German. I became even more skeptical when she a) didn’t know whether it was open or not and b) had not even heard of Street Food Thursdays at Markthalle Neun.


Nevertheless, I was optimistic. Wes and I enjoyed an evening walk across town and as we neared the neighbourhood I crossed my fingers and secretly hoped there would actually be a market there. We approached the building and I was a little apprehensive but as soon as we opened the doors, I knew we were at the right place.


It was packed. Packed with people, laughter, music and the smells of a global food court. Consider yourself lucky if you get a seat. We headed straight to a beer counter when we arrived and drank while roaming through the stalls deciding what to eat.


The variety was so diverse and the options were all so mouthwatering. You’ll find everything from tapas to curries, vegan dishes and even desserts. Given my indecisiveness, it was probably 20 minutes (or two beers) before I made up my mind.


Yes, it was crowded. Packed to the point where you will struggle trying to eat your food and drink a beer standing up while having nowhere to rest your glass or fork. But isn’t that what adds to the rush? The bustling energy and the fun, casual environment is where I’d want to be on any given Thursday.

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