One Thing You Can't Miss in Cabo: Lovers Beach


It seems that every popular destination has an endless list of ‘must dos’. There are so many beautiful things to do and experience all over the world that it can easily be overwhelming! Today we’re sharing our absolute favourite experience in Cabo San Lucas. If you’ve only got one day to spare, you won’t want to miss out on this memorable (and cheap!) tour.

A bit of research will reveal the top thing to do in Cabo: visit the iconic Arch, Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. Tour companies offer dinner cruises, sunset cruises and even open bar ‘booze’ cruises that take you around the bay and to the popular rock formations. But if you’re traveling the world on a budget like we are, spending $50+ per person for a few hours on a boat isn’t likely.


So instead we opted for a private, guided tour on a glamorous water taxi. With a bit of bargaining, we paid a combined $15 USD for a driver to take us out on a 30-minute tour of the rock formations and the popular Arch. He dropped us off at Lovers Beach and we asked him to come back in a couple of hours to pick us up while we explored the beaches on our own. We had a really great time and would recommend looking for Julian on his boat “Pocoyo” at Medano Beach.

One of the first stops on our tour was to pull up to an area in the water where teeny bits of tortilla were dropped in the water to attract these beautiful and colourful fish. We are definitely loving the perks of traveling with an underwater camera:


There are so many unique formations everywhere you look but we were most surprised to see (and smell) sea lions up close! Our taxi dropped us off at Lovers Beach and there were young men there to help us get on and off the boat (for tips, of course). Somehow, even with their help, I managed to slip off the boat and fall into the water.

We arrived pretty early in the morning and the beaches were not yet crowded so we were able to enjoy time away from the crowds. A short walk from Lovers Beach is where you’ll find a beach that faces the Pacific Ocean, nicknamed Divorce Beach. The waves are pretty rough on that side though and swimming is not at all recommended.

If you’ve forgotten to pack a cooler for the day, not to worry! There are no restaurants around but you’re sure to find someone on the beach selling beer, drinks and light snacks. All in all, we had a great morning touring the rock formations, seeing tropical fish, sea lions, birds and swimming at Lovers Beach.

If there's one thing you can't miss in Cabo, it's this! We definitely recommend saving your money and taking a water taxi over to explore the best of Cabo San Lucas.