Tiny House Practice and Eating From a Truck: La Paz, Mexico


After spending over a week in Cabo San Lucas, it was quite the relief to end up two hours away in a small city called La Paz. The words la paz in Spanish literally mean ‘the peace’ and that's exactly what it felt like when we arrived.

Tiny House Dreams

Those that know us well probably already know that our future goal is to find ourselves a nice piece of land somewhere and build our very own tiny house. We’re still a few years away from that so as we travel we’re constantly looking for cool, tiny places to stay in. This helps us draw inspiration from different types of homes and practice living in small spaces for when we have our tiny house.


Our RV Bus

While searching for a place to stay in La Paz, we found a cool bus listed on Air BnB. For most, pictures of an old school bus listed as an accommodation would raise an eyebrow or two. But when we saw it, we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a few nights there. For the same price as a hostel we scored our very own full-sized school bus turned RV parked only two blocks from the beach. Armed with 4 bunk beds and a queen bed, the bus slept 6 people and could handle a whole family. With a kitchen, living room, A/C, and great Wi-Fi, this beat any hostel or hotel for me. If you're new to Airbnb, our signup link can get you up to $40 off when booking for La Paz or anywhere else in the world!


The RV bus was parked right by the beach where the host and his family were living. Like most people we’ve encountered in Mexico, they treated us like family. They helped arranged a great day trip for us, lent us bikes and even had a map ready for us with all the best restaurants and places to visit in town.

La Paz, Mexico

What's really great about La Paz is the main boardwalk or malecon that runs along the beach for miles and is perfect for cyclists, joggers and walkers. I could definitely see this being a good place for me and Fel when we’re old and grey. We’d buy matching Fit Bits and get our 10,000 steps on the boardwalk, we’d wear those wide-brimmed hats so as to not take in too much sun and maybe even get ourselves a couple of chihuahuas to run around with.


Let me tell you about a great burger place in La Paz called Bandidos. Our host was pretty adamant that we check this place out for dinner one night and we love getting suggestions from locals as much as we love burgers. The place is on a side street, just a 10 minute walk from our big blue bus and is known for cooking burgers on a grill like no other: under the hood of a truck.


Before getting there, I expected to see a beat up truck parked on the side of the road serving up good burgers. When we arrived, I was surprised to find ourselves in a romantic restaurant with candle-lit tables and some great classic rock music. But sure enough, right in the middle of the restaurant was the truck-turned-burger-grill dishing out all different meats for their burgers.


At this point, we were only a couple weeks into our trip and were happy to be far from the Canadian winter back home. We were enjoying the warmth and sunshine of La Paz and arrived to dinner in our Mexico ‘winter’ outfits: shorts and long sleeve shirts. But as we sat comfortably, it was cute to see the restaurant handing out big comfy blankets for the couples and families to stay warm at their tables.

To add to the interesting, the restaurant had a saying on the wall that I found funny: "Si nuestra comida, servicio o bebida no estan a su nivel de calidad, favor bajar sus estardares." Basically meaning: if our food, service or drinks are not at your level of quality, please lower your standards. I like the take-it-or-leave-it attitude in Mexico.

The burgers, atmosphere and service were all great. If you’re in La Paz and in the mood for a cheap, filling meal (or just want to see burgers cooked on a truck engine turned grill, head to Bandidos. La Paz still remains one of our favorite cities in Mexico so far and we look forward to returning with more friends, more family and for more fun.

Ever dined at a cool restaurant or slept in a tiny house before? Share your favourites with us below!