Our Favourite Couple Travel Vloggers on YouTube


There was probably a time when people had to turn to their travel agents to find out when and where to travel next. But thanks to today’s social media platforms, there are plenty of apps and sites to help you find your next dream destination from the comfort of your couch. And in our opinion, nothing beats watching the adventure unfold with vloggers on YouTube. There are so many vloggers out there that we love watching but our favourites are couples who travel together and share their personalities, experiences and helpful tips in each of their videos. So, to inspire you all, here are our 8 favourite couple travel vloggers on YouTube!

Feather and the Wind

Naturally, this list of couple travel vloggers begins with our very own YouTube channel because, well... self promotion. Earlier this year, we started making videos to document our travels and show others that travel can be fun, affordable and easier than most people think. What started out as a hobby ended up getting us over 1 million total views in under a year and we haven't put the camera down since. My favourite part about travel vlogging is that we get to relive our days over again and capture these memories on camera to share with our friends, families and viewers from around the world. To me, our videos are the best souvenirs to remember this crazy journey.

Flying the Nest

This Australian couple vlogs daily on their channel as they travel and explore the outdoors. Stephen and Jess are very down-to-earth and definitely some of our favourite couple travel vloggers out there. We love their laid-back approach to life and hearing their Australian slang brings back memories of my semester abroad. The couple is currently travelling in Africa and they also share beautiful photos and practical travel tips on their travel blog.

Damon and Jo

These guys are the BEST. Damon and Jo created their channel ‘Shut Up and Go’ to share their travel videos in a way that appeals to millennials. The two are best friends and their personalities will have you laughing out loud in every episode. They tell it like it is, don’t sugarcoat anything and are hilarious. Plus they post videos in like 8 different languages. Who does that?!



Also known as Viajefest, this Mexican couple showcases the best of Mexico on their Spanish travel channel. They take you through beautiful beaches and landscapes so that you really get to discover some of the most underrated regions in one of our favourite countries. While it's clear that Ehe and Rosy know how to have a good time on the road, their channel also shares cultural, historical and practical information of the amazing places they visit. Epic drone shots included.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Forget backpacking, this Australian couple vlogs about their sailing adventures all over the world. They started off in Europe knowing very little about sailing and have since travelled thousands of miles together on their boat called La Vagabonde. Elayna and Riley share stories about their unique life on the water with everything from cooking to canals and even singing at sea.


Exploring Alternatives

If you know Wes and I, you know that our ideal living situation isn’t for everyone (tiny house dream goals!). So we can definitely relate to Matt and Danielle and their channel, Exploring Alternatives. This nomadic couple vlogs about their minimalist ways and inspires us to find what works for us as a couple. Each week they share their stories and those of other couples who are breaking away from the traditional lifestyle and living large on their own terms.

Erik and Jess

Sometimes it seems like New York City is the hub of all big vloggers and this model couple is no exception. Erik’s daily vlogs show what life is like in the big apple with his gorgeous girlfriend, Jess. They're always supporting each other and spreading positive vibes all over NYC. My favourite videos are the epic travel compilations Erik makes to sum up their trips and they're headed to Japan in July which would be amazing to see through their eyes.

[November 2016 Update] Though Erik and Jess are no longer together, his travels continue and he's on the road now more than ever! She has also started travel vlogging on her secondary channel.

Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn have been living a nomadic lifestyle for years now after selling everything to begin their own adventure. It first started in an RV and their latest travels also have them living life on the waters in their very own catamaran. Their videos show them living and learning all over the world (with 2 cute kitties on board too!).


Well, I think we’ve given you all plenty of hours of travel to watch. As our adventures continue, we hope you’ll follow us and our favourite couple travel vloggers along for some inspiration, fun and laughter. Happy viewing!