Off Road Adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


While Fel is perfectly fine with sitting on the beach all day reading and soaking up the sun, I'm the type of person that gets restless and yearns for some adventure.  In Puerto Vallarta, I dragged her off the beach and onto a 4 seated vehicle called a razor where we headed off road and into the Mexican wilderness.

Off Road In Mexico

We got hooked up with a company called Wild Treks Adventures located right in the old town of Puerto Vallarta. After signing the usual waiver that comes with this type of adventure, we hopped on the buggy and joined a convoy of five. Our guide took us from the cobblestone roads of the hectic city center to the dirt roads in the outskirts of town.


The convoy stopped when we reached an old dirt road by a small village. The guide told us that were going to be going up a mountain and emphasized that we should stay very close to the driver in front of us. At first his warning didn't make sense to me but once we got going, I knew what he meant.

Next thing you know, the guide started driving as fast as you could possibly go (I would expect this being that we were in Mexico). The road up the mountain followed an S shaped pattern all the way up. Left, right, left, right. No guard rails or fences in site. We were driving on loose dirt and it was flying everywhere. No wonder we were given bandannas to cover our whole face. Because of the dirt, the dust clouds were so thick that you could barely see an arm's-length away from your face. And that's why you have to drive so close to the person in front of you. Otherwise you can't see who you're meant to be following and you risk driving off the side of the mountain.


Once we got to the top of the mountain, I was in awe from how intense the ride was. Hearts racing and our adrenaline pumping, we took a moment to relax and catch our breath. Naturally we were welcomed by shots of tequila at this point and stories from our guides. They told us that the same dirt roads can make it all the way to Guadalajara if you're crazy enough to do a 8+ hour drive like this.

The video clip below is of our trip down the mountain which was a lot more enjoyable than on the way up.  At half the speed, we were more relaxed and had a nice 'peaceful' end to our off road adventure.