Thermal Baths in Budapest at Night


If Budapest isn't on your itinerary for your next trip to Europe, then you need to add it to your list. There is so much to see and do in the city and the thermal baths in Budapest will give you just enough reason to add another couple days to that vacation of yours. New to thermal baths? Well, imagine a hot tub, but way better. Most baths are hot enough to be a hot tub and big enough to be a pool. There are many in the city to choose from and I'm sure one day we'll be back to try them all.

Szechenyi Thermal Baths


While in Budapest, we visited one of the biggest and most popular thermal baths in Europe: Szechenyi. It was a last minute decision we made one night after we discovered that the baths are open until 10pm and they offer a (slightly) discounted rate if you visit after 5pm. Szechenyi has a combination of 21 different indoor and outdoor pools all ranging in temperature and mineral content.

Getting There

It's located in the Budapest City Park within walking distance of Heroes Square. Just hop on the Metro 1 (yellow line) to Szechenyi Furdo or take trolley route 72 and get off at the City Park.

Szenchenyi at Night


When the sun goes down the outdoor thermal baths become a totally different place. The lights turn on, the crowds thin and the stars come out. Don't be afraid to go in the winter because that's the best time to experience the different temperatures and savor the heat of the baths. The waters are invitingly warm but step out for just a second and you get hit by the cold air.

Summer Spa Parties

They call it a sparty: a summer weekend party in the outdoor thermal baths of Budapest with visuals, music and drinks. If you enjoy the party scene, the footage and photos on their website alone will make you want to book a flight. Tickets for a sparty range from 35 Euros for basic entry to over 100 Euros to get all of the perks. It's recommended for groups of friends that are looking for a unique late-night party in an unreal setting. The guy to girl ratio may not quite be 50% but where else do you get to have an outdoor spa party?


I'm not just saying this because I'm half Hungarian, but Budapest really is filled with cool things to do and great places to see like these thermal baths. Whether you're into a wild night sparty or a relaxing evening in the warm pools, I think you should head to Hungary's capital and visit the thermal baths after dark.