12 YouTube Travel Couples to Follow in 2018


If you found this because you were searching for new YouTube travel couples to follow, you're in luck. We know there are plenty of lists out there featuring the same ol' Top 10 Travel Couples but we really wanted to highlight some new channels to fuel your wanderlust. We’ve rounded up 12 fun YouTube travel couples to check out this year and hope you'll subscribe to follow them around the world.

12 YouTube Travel Couples - 2018

With so many amazing travellers on YouTube today, this wasn’t an easy list to narrow down. To help us decide, we focused on duos that are dating/married with channels that are posting travel-specific content in English on a regular basis. So here they are: 12 YouTube travel couples you should be following this year. May the binge-watching begin!

Fel & Wes of Feather and the Wind

Because we have no shame in starting this list with our own channel...

If you're new around here, we're an Italian/Mexican and Hungarian/English/Danish couple who met online one fateful day in our native Canada. She's the Feather, he's the Wind and together we've been travelling the world for two years. We're currently filming a 99 Days in Mexico series on YouTube and are looking forward to filming an exciting summer of travel as we celebrate both of our 30th birthdays.

Joss & Janik

She's from Mexico, he's from Germany and they compliment each other so well in their videos. After two years of long-distance dating, Joss and Janik are now living together and sharing their passions online. Though not travelling full-time, this international couple is creating content in an original way with great filming and editing. That's something we can get behind!

Daneger & Stacey

This New Zealand couple just got engaged in Bali! Daneger and Stacey are full-time travellers who have spent several months living as digital nomads in Asia. Aside from their travel videos, they're sharing years of research and knowledge in their latest no bullshit guide to travelling the world. You can also find their stunning travel photos on Instagram.

Kara & Nate

Congratulations are in order for this travel couple from Tennessee as they've just won a Shorty Award for best in travel! Kara and Nate are travelling to 100 countries before March 2019 and have done everything from the Everest Base Camp trek to journeying on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The husband and wife team offer loads of resources on their website and will be leading Vespa group tours in Italy this summer.

Eric & Allison of The Endless Adventure

Eric and Allison left steady jobs in San Francisco to live an inspiring life of travel as digital nomads. They’re currently sharing videos of Japan and on their channel you can expect to find a perfect balance of travel, food and adventure. For even more travel inspo, you can join the adventure on their Instagram.

Tino & Angela of Dutch Nomad Couple

Tino and Angela are the sweetest of couples and we were fortunate enough to meet them at a blogging convention in Ireland last year. The idea for Dutch Nomad Couple came after their campervan road trip in 2015 and you can see where they've been since on their beautiful Instagram feed. They're currently exploring everything from vineyards to glaciers in South America and we can't wait to see where they'll be headed next!

Mark & Amanda of The NYC Couple

Mark and Amanda are an American couple who met in, you guessed it, New York City. They travel with the motto, "It's short. Live it." and their fun-loving attitude is seriously infectious. The couple is engaged and planning for a wedding in Bali later this year! You can also find this YouTube travel couple on Instagram.

Stephen & Jess of Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess are Australian vloggers and bloggers who have been 'flying the nest' since 2015. Their channel showcases worldly travels, volunteering experiences and daily life moments. The couple had a gorgeous wedding in Greece last year and you can find even more travel inspiration over on their blog.

Josh & Ashley of The Way Away

Josh and Ashley are an American couple who started sharing their travels on YouTube two years ago. Since then, they’ve been all over Europe and were recently on board the maiden voyage of the largest cruise ship in the world! Viewers really get to experience new places with them because they share their travels in an honest and refreshing way. Are you part of their #wayfam yet?

Thomas & Sheena of Chasing a Plate

Any foodies reading this will love Thomas and Sheena’s channel because they just might be the most food-obsessed YouTube travel couple on this list. They’ve been eating their way around the world for 10 years and are sharing the best of local foods through their videos and food blog. You might want to grab a snack before watching…


Anna & Trevor of Delightful Travellers

We were able to meet these two last summer and yes, they are delightful! Anna and Trevor share both budget and luxury travel tips as well as great foods, local hot spots and even hotel tours. These web designers have recently downsized their home in Canada to make room for more travel in their lives and you can follow their journey on Instagram too.

Samuel & Audrey

Last but certainly not least are the YouTube veterans of the group and fellow Canadians. Sam and Audrey met while living in South Korea and have been filming travel and food videos on YouTube for 5 years now. Their videos highlight the best things to do and the most delicious foods to eat all over the world. The couple has a new Spanish travel and food channel as well as a separate channel for their cinematic videos.

So...how did we do? Have we found you some new channels to explore the world with? Hope you'll go show these travel couples some love because this YouTube game ain't an easy one and we could all get by with a little help from our friends ;)

Have we missed any of your favourite YouTube Travel Couples?!